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Laser Tag


lasertag-nh We have the most durable equipment (Lasertron)  on the market with virtually NO downtime due to equipment failure!    Lasertron is also the premier manufacturer with an extremely interactive gaming system……READ ON…..
Laser Tag In C.H.I.P.S. Mode

Experience New Laser Tag Game Action!
C.H.I.P.S. is an acronym for Competitive Human Interactive Player Software. And Hilltop Fun Center now has 12 exciting C.H.I.P.S. that we’ll introduce to your laser tag games.

Here’s how it works:

  • These software modes ride over the standard game of laser tag and accelerate your game to a whole new level of fun!
  • The modes are simple to understand, yet challenging for you and your team to implement effectively (…but, hey, that’s what makes it all the more fun!).
  • To be fair, the main computer grants these modes to randomly chosen players on BOTH teams. Eventually all players will receive the featured mode(s) during the course of the game.
  • Real Time scoring in the phasor and on two 32″ Monitors in the arena
  • Two “Recharging” Base stations that you also need to “guard” so the opposing team doesn’t score additional points
  • Red AND Green Lasers
  • Full MP3 sound on all vests
  • Each session is 30 minutes and includes 3 six minute games.  A one minute break in between each game
  • Below are 6 of the 12 different modes we can run….

Activation Phrase “You Are In Spy Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator Your vest lights will change to the other team’s color. Your true team colors will flash briefly when you fire your phaser.
Power Ability to spy as a member of the opposing team.
Duration 30 seconds
Scoring You gain standard points for every player or base tagged.
Phaser Pulses 80
Energy Units 20

Note If your own team tags you while you’re in spy mode, it will have no effect.


Activation Phrase: “You are in Energizer Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator: Quick alternate strobing of the right and left shoulders twice every second.
Power: Ability to energize your teammate’s vest with a single tag.
Power Duration: 30 Seconds
Scoring: You gain 25 points per Energy Unit restored to your teammate’s vest.
Laser Pulses: 150
Energy Units: 20

Activation Phrase: “You are in Super Rapid-Fire Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator: Quick strobing of all vest sensor areas twice per second.
Power: Ability to fire your phaser at incredible speeds.
Power Duration: 30 Seconds
Scoring: You gain standard tag points per player tagged.
Laser Pulses: 150
Energy Units: 20

Activation Phrase: “You are in Bonus Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator: All vest lights chase each other in a pattern every second.
Power: Ability to increase the value of every tag.
Power Duration: 30 Seconds
Scoring: You gain 150% of the normal point value for every opposing player’s vest or base tagged.
Laser Pulses: 150
Energy Units: 20

Activation Phrase “You Are In Freeze Ray Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator Quick double strobing of shoulders every two seconds.
Power Ability to stun your opponent’s vest with a Freeze Ray that leaves them frozen for 5 seconds.
Duration 30 seconds
Scoring You gain 100 points for each opponent that you freeze.
Phaser Pulses 80
Energy Units 20

Activation Phrase “You Are In Stealth Mode Now!”
Visual Indicator All vest lights will be off.
Power Impervious to all tags until you fire your phaser or the mode expires. When you exit this mode, your vest will be fully energized wherever you are in the laser tag arena.
Duration 20 seconds
Scoring No scoring until you exit this mode.
Phaser Pulses 1
Energy Units Impervious to all tags while in mode.

Prices/Times/Policies subject to change at anytime and without notice.