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4 Go-Kart Tracks

With our four Go-Kart Tracks, just about everyone in the family now has a track, from the Rookie Racers and Jr. Naskarts to the Brand New “Naskarts” (these karts fly!) and the “Slickest” Slick-Track you’ll find! Racing excitement for just about everyone in the family. Passenger on Naskart: 39″ Rookie Racers 45″ (or able to reach pedal) Jr. Naskarts: 49″ Naskarts: 54″ (Two seaters avail.) Slick Track: 60″
Prices/Times/Policies Subject to change without notice

Junior Naskarts:  5 Karts, scaled down version of our Naskarts.
No age requirement, but must be 49″ tall to ride

Naskarts: 800′ Banked Track featuring 6.5 & 9hp Karts.  4 point seat belts.  Speeds up to 20mph!  9 Single seaters and 3 Double Seat Karts.  Complete rail system and pit control makes for a very safe ride!  If you have little ones NOT tall enough to ride on the Rookies (45″), they can ride with someone at least 16 years of age provided they are at least 39″ ($1.00 add’l per ride)
Must be 54″ tall to ride and must have valid drivers license to drive a passenger. No age limit to drive solo.


Rookie Racers:  4 even smaller karts, for the younger ones. These karts only have one pedal, when the foot is not on it, the brakes automatically engage.

No age requirement, but must be appx 45″ tall to ride (or able to reach pedal)

Slick Track: 10 Karts with 9hp engines on a super smooth surface. Each corner is treated with “Slic Juice” throughout the day for a great “slip sliding” time.
Must be 60″ tall and recommended age is 14. HFC Staff reserves the right to not allow any rider who cannot control kart safely

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