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21+ Night at Hilltop Fun Center!

  • Saturday, May 22nd: 7-10pm

    With our attractions open and our adult beverages ready for your enjoyment, we’re back with another: 21+ Night at Hilltop Fun Center!

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    Saturday, May 22nd: 7-10pm

    YOU deserve a night out to play like a kid – without the kids!

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    21+ Night has become one of our best events and tickets sell out extremely fast… act quickly to get yours!

    We’re capping attendees at 120 to ensure all social distancing guidelines may be followed.

    When: Saturday, May 22nd, 7 PM to 10 PM (Rain or Moon)

    For just $30 per person, you get:

    • Unlimited Laser Tag
    • Unlimited Go-Karts (Slick Track and Naskarts)
    • Unlimited Mini Golf
    • One included adult beverage (draft, canned beers, seltzers, ciders, and punches) OR soda
    • Arcade and Bar Also Open!
    • Night of Event Raffle: $50 HFC Gift Card to be raffled off ($5 pp to enter, all proceeds will go to the New Hampshire Coalition for the Support of Service Dogs)!

    Register online today on Eventbrite! In store purchases also allowed!

    **Pre-register online or in-store, Must be 21 or older to enter the facility, ALL ID’s will be checked. HFC is already practicing all safety and social distancing protocols. Max of 4 to a group on Mini Golf and all track queue lines are marked as well as our arcade has 5 hand sanitizing stations. We strongly encourage the use of face masks and proper and responsible social distancing while visiting our facility. No refunds or credits of any kind.**

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