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Birthday FAQ’s

group party

Birthday Schedule of Events:

Here is a breakdown of how your party will run and what to expect once you arrive. Times are approximate.

* Arrive at scheduled start time and check in
* Host/Hostess takes food order
* 15-20 minutes in Arcade while we prepare food
* Food served
* Table cleared and cake brought out (if purchased)
* Time to open presents
* Attractions begin (1 hour after the start time)

Frequently Asked Questions:  (some of these do not apply to Teen/Adult party. When you book that package, there are different policies that accompany the reservation confirmation)

Q: What is your policy regarding deposits?

A: All parties require a minimum $50.00 deposit to book. If you provide us with 7 days notice, we will issue a Gift Card in the amount of you deposit. If less than 7 days, no refunds will be given

Q: What if my amount of guests has changed since I reserved

A: Please call us. Unlike some places that charge for the amount reserved, we only charge for the amount of guests that actually come. We do have costs incurred and limited space, so please be courteous and call. We will give you a call the Thursday prior to the party to confirm all the details, if no answer, we will send an email.  Adults just attending the party are not charged as guests, only if they will be part of the children’s actual party experience.

Q: What is table time

A: This is one of the most confusing aspects of our parties so we’ll try and explain as best we can. It is the amount of reserved time at your table. It is plenty of time to eat and open presents. If we are not busy and we don’t need the table, your welcome to keep using it even after the 90 reserved minutes are up; however, there are times (especially on weekends) that we may need clear your table so we can set it up for the next party. The table time has nothing to do with how long your party will last. There are many factors to consider as to when your party will actually be done. We can tell you that from November to early April, the only attraction open is Laser Tag so your party will end after the last laser tag game you have. You are welcome to stay at the Fun Center as long as you wish though!

Q: Why can’t we start attractions first

A: Mostly due to cooking and serving of food. If we didn’t do it according to a schedule, we might very well end up trying to make 10 pizzas in a short time frame and wouldn’t be able to. We don’t want customers having to wait 30 minutes for pizza. Please don’t ask us to change times for you, it really does end up affecting other parties.

Q: Can you explain the attractions and how they are used?

A:  Depending on the package you chose, you will have different amounts of attractions. They can be used for any attraction that is open. You can chose a Go-Kart ride, Mini-Golf Round, Laser Tag Game, or 4 Batting Cage tokens. You can mix and match too! If you have chosen Laser Tag, this will be the first attraction after food and presents (1 hr after start time). Laser Tag gets busy and we want to be able to make sure all your guests get in the same game. (Nov 1st-Late March early April is Laser Tag only for Attraction tickets).

Q: Can I go into the Laser Tag arena with my guests

A: Only if you have paid for a ticket and are vested; It is an insurance requirement. We have an attendant or two  in the arena at all times.

Q: Does your pizza  contain any nut products

A: No,  our pizza does not contain nut products. Any food concerns should be brought to our attention as soon as possible. We do not list ingredients to our food items because manufactures change more often than you’d think.

Q: Can I bring in my own cake ?  Other foods?

A: You can bring your own cake or you can purchase from us.  Ice Cream cakes are fine too. If a guest in your party has specific needs or allergies to certain foods, you may bring in food for that guest with prior approval. We work these on an individual basis but for the most part, outside food is not allowed.  Please ask when booking what would be OK to bring in.

Q: Am I expected or should I leave a gratuity

A: No, it’s not expected; however there is much more involved than just serving pizza and cake. From the time you book your party until after you’ve left, there are a lot of details that can’t be missed. So if we’ve done a great job (and we assume we always do)! Feel free to leave a gratuity for the staff. Many customers ask how much to leave and the answer is up to you. When a gratuity is left, we have found the average to be between 10%-15%.

Q: Can I bring in a pinata or other items?

Due to insurance requirements, no pinatas can be brought in. You are welcome to bring in your own table settings if you want a special theme. You can also bring in balloons .

Q: What happens if it rains?

In light to steady rain, outside attractions, with the exception of our “Slic Track” remain open. In steady to heavier rains, we may shut down Go Karts due to safety reasons. No refunds given due to rain. Laser Tag is indoors and remains open.

Lastly, when you book your party, we ask if you’ve read all the details and policies pertaining to your party, everyone says they do, but only 5% redeem the special little “token of our appreciation” for actually reading them.  (Hint Hint)