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Birthday Party Testimonial

birthday party

Dear Hilltop Fun Center, I booked my son’s birthday party today at your facility for an upcoming date in the fall. I was very impressed with the customer service I received as I went through the process of booking this party. I had a ton of questions as this is our first time having a party at Hilltop and each time I called and spoke to Jessica she was not only courteous, friendly and informative but she also offered great suggestions and showed a lot of patience. It is such a treasure to have such a happy, outgoing and cheerful employee, so I found it really important to bring it to the attention of management. Not only was Jessica helpful but she was also very observant as well. When Jessica reviewed my order she called me right back as I had made a mistake when ordering my juice order. I had ordered 17 pitchers of apple juice instead of 4 pitchers of apple juice. I had not realized that you don’t serve juice by the cup. I really appreciated her catching this mistake and fixing it for me. My family is looking forward to celebrating my son’s birthday in the fall. And I feel really good about choosing Hilltop.

Dear Hilltop Fun Center, this is the second party I have booked for my family. The boys love it there. Unfortunately, their birthdays fall in the winter so we don’t get to enjoy the outside activities but we love it there. The staff is courteous and helpful. The food is good and the facility is a great size as well as very clean. I know we will be coming back in the spring for my other son’s birthday. Thank you for the inquiry. Rebecca.

We are glad to hear that you keep returning for your children’s birthday parties! Thank you for the great feedback. Hilltop Fun Center Staff

Dear Hilltop Fun Center,

We, as always, had a wonderful experience with our party at Hilltop! Our “personal party person” always does such a great job! She is very friendly and polite and keeps things rolling. I feel the value is unbeatable, the facility has always been clean and the service A+! Thank you our 3rd great party at Hilltop! We will be back!

Best, Heidi, Very Satisfied Customer

Thank you for the awesome feedback! I’m so glad to hear you had a great day! Hilltop Fun Center Staff

Jonathan had a GREAT time at his party! His hostess was awesome! She was very helpful and accommodating! We will definitely have a party there again! Jen

Thank you for your great feedback! We look forward to seeing you again soon. Hilltop Fun Center Staff

Dear Hilltop Fun Center,

It was a wonderful experience and would consider having it there again.

The kids had a blast and I was stress free!!

Thanks- Diane

Diane, We are so glad you can be stress free having a birthday party with us. Come back and be stress free anytime! Hilltop Staff

Dear Hilltop Fun Center, The entire experience was very good. The staff took very good care of us. All were very friendly, patient, and efficient. The day really went off without a hitch, I couldn’t be happier.

I did thank those there that day and tipped well, but if you have the chance, please again thank the staff for their very good work!!!!!

We look forward to visiting again, when we can cruise on the go carts…

Thank you, Diane

Come on back Diane, the karts are crusin’ along! Hilltop Fun Center Staff

Dear Hilltop Fun Center, We had a blast at the party. The kids really enjoyed the longer laser tag games, it was great idea to make them 30 minutes instead of 15. I enjoyed the whole party and cake was delicious. I haven’t tried laser tag yet but I think that’s my next goal. And thanks for the picture it came out great! Thank you for everything! Theresa

Theresa, we are so glad you enjoyed the new laser tag format. Make sure you come back to try a game of your own! Hilltop Fun Center Staff

Dear Hilltop Fun Center, Thank you for following up. The birthday was a blast. Andrew had a lot of fun and the lady that helped us was
amazinnnnng. She answered my billion questions and she kept her cool while the 7 crazy eight year old boys were wild. I don’t know how you all do what you do but you do it well. Thank you again and I will plan to return next year on his birthday again!! Kelly

Kelly, we can’t wait for Andrew to have another party here! Thanks for the great feedback. Hilltop Fun Center Staff